«World in Motion»

World in Motion "World in Motion" by Quartz in collaboration with and sponsored by GE

World in Motion is a warehouse for GE’s articles, videos, graphics and social media posts (mainly Instagram photos) from around the globe. Some content is from GE’s owned websites. Other articles are from publishers that GE pays to produce content on its behalf, such as The Economist and Quartz.

Source: Advertising Age

This is where Content Marketing and Native Advertising meet. Definitely an outstanding piece of work. Wouldn’t you wish for having such a tool for your most favorite newspaper’s work? If you could search the paper’s archive by activating geo-localization, beats, an author’s name or topic tags?

As we know from other projects, editorial teams use outstanding projects to develop tools they in the following reuse and adapt for new projects. Was the collaboration with GE a marketing mandate with the nice side effect of having this tool financed? I’m quite sure that we will see it again – implemented in a different context and/or further developed building on the gained knowledge.