Will ad-blocking further push native advertising in journalism?

For different reasons the number of ad-blockers and its usage are increasing. For news sites this constitutes an aggravating trend. Our representative study of Swiss media users‘ attitude against digital advertising from 2014 already indicated that people refuse intrusive formats (pop-ups in particular) and prefer innovative, creative forms (on the other side, it also showed that people do not categorically refuse advertising as it still contains informative and social functions). This trend will probably give further rise to native advertising formats and increase companies content marketing efforts. In journalism this development might add examples to the list experimenting with native advertising formats to undergo ad-blockers. A development which I, as a media scientist, observe critically. However, like it or not: news organizations are in urgent need of new business models. And if some may still have hoped for the stabilization of digital advertising revenues, these news may appear further disillusioning.