#ZwingliVR: The experience of history in virtual reality

#ZwingliVR: Dein Termin mit Huldrych #ZwingliVR: Dein Termin mit Huldrych

I am convinced that you have to work with new media to investigate it. I also embrace new technology and am very fascinated by it. These are the reasons,  why I was keen on working with virtual reality by myself when I learned about the technology, not just evaluating other people’s projects.

In 2017, during the development of our BUX city tour on the life and work of the Swiss reformer Huldrych Zwingli, I developed the vision of bringing Zwingli back to life. To breath new life into him – or rather zeros and ones ;) Virtual and augmented reality would deliver the technological possibilities to make this vision become reality.

After finishing the city tour, the satisfied principal offered me the chance to hand in a second proposal. Of course, I took the opportunity to pitch my virtual Zwingli – and received the resources to realize it.

In a laborious interdisciplinary project, we brought Huldrych Zwingli back to Zurich telling us about the consequences of the Zurich Reformation. We had scientific visualization, interaction design, sound design and digital storytelling involved in our project.

The result was a high-end, interactive virtual reality experience touring in a tent through Zurich! Learn more about the project on our website zwingli-vr.ch

The video (in German) gives you an impression of the project: